View Full Version : New "Little Princess" Template on Sale Now

Leslie Emery
03-16-2008, 12:00 PM
Hi Ladies,
I have received quite a number of requests for a "Princess Template"
Here is my first one. It is double Sided and it is on sale until march 17th at midnight.
I hope you like it : )
I have many more Themed Templates in my store...
They are also on sale until midnight March 17th*woot*woot*woot

03-16-2008, 02:17 PM
oh wow!! This is gorgeous!!! Definitely adding it to my wish list!! What a cute idea!!

03-16-2008, 06:26 PM
ADORABLE!! Wonderful! Truly amazing!

03-16-2008, 08:14 PM
OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've been bugging you for a LONG time for a PRINCESS template and you finally have one in the store. Yay!!!!!!!

I am definitely going shopping tomorrow before sale ends!

This is so fantastic - how do you do all the intricate details in the template? This must take you hours and hours and hours!!!!! WOW!

Thanks again - this is the BEST princess template I've ever seen!! And you know what - BOYS can use this too - they like castles and dungeons and dragons - I'll just leave out the girly stuff and keep the castles - for their layouts - cool! I'll be able to use this for my granddaughters and grandsons. THANKS!

03-17-2008, 04:03 AM
Hey Leslie, you think Helen might be a little excited about your template? :lmao: On my way to the store! Awesome template and fantastic details.

03-18-2008, 05:53 AM
What a cute template Leslie, love the castle and the princess, wonderful template

03-18-2008, 09:46 AM
Oh, what a beautiful template!!!! Great job!!!!:wink: