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03-01-2008, 10:35 AM
Joy!! You're back! How was it going a week without a computer?!

Welcome back! :vb_chirolp_iei:

03-02-2008, 12:15 AM
Thanks Debra! We had a fantastic week thanks! It was so special to spend a sensible amount of time with all of us together! The cottage was beautiful - we were only the third lot of people to stay there and it was perfect! Had to get used to cooking on an aga, so our roast on Sunday was a bit late!!! There were signs on the kitchen windows saying "Please do not feed the animals from the window" as it was right next to a field, so we kept looking for sheep but couldn't see any for the first few days, so it was a bit of a shock when we walked into the kitchen later on one day and a horse was poking his head through the open window!!

The only scary thing that happened was that we had an earthquake! Now, I know it is nothing compared to what some people experience, but it was scary nonetheless! It was at 1 o'clock in the morning and measured 5.2 and lasted for 10 seconds - enough to wake the adults up but the girls slept right through it! We were about 60 miles from the epicentre, so the earth certainly moved! Fortunately, we were all ok, although there were news reports of a young lad being injured when a chimney fell through the roof.

We visited lots of great places, including going into a cave which was called the Devil's A### - much to the girls' delight as they thought it meant it was ok for them to say it!

The countryside is just stunning! And the view from my bedroom window was awesome!

These are straight off my camera, so nothing has been adjusted but you get the idea!
From my window:


And this one was just down the road (or should I say extremely narrow lane!)


We are already planning when to go next year!!!! It really was the best Christmas present for us all!!!

03-02-2008, 06:06 AM
Oh my goodness..an earthquake... that must have been quite an experience!

Besides that "natural" disaster, sure sounds like a nice vacation and family time!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics too!

03-02-2008, 11:30 AM
Oh, I so envy you Joy!
Those pics are so gorgeous!