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12-24-2007, 07:50 AM
Merry Christmas everyone.
Its been a blast with all the Christmas activities here; the freebies. the new kits, games, quizzes, sing alongs, holiday chatter and more. Fun stuff. And now it is time to celebrate. :biggrin:
I have a few lose ends such as a little bit of wrapping and packing it up before we head to church at 2:00 and then to my brothers. Tomorrow we will be home by ourselves which is the norm, but we are trying something new this year and going to our friends for dinner, as they are home alone, too. Since the laptop never came back, a week overdue, it will relieve some of the fighting for the computer.
Thanks for all the compliments on the calendars. Was so fun to do but I need to start earlier. Not quite done but thats ok. It was so fun to print out the layouts just on my little printer here...its fun to see the layouts come alive, like Helen's Fancy and Baby Rose Cottage.
Anyways, hope your day is bright and cheery. Hugs~!

12-24-2007, 08:02 AM
Merry Christmas to you - Your calendar pages are great!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you for your santa gift.


12-24-2007, 08:31 AM
Merry Christmas to you too Kathy, I've enjoyed your calendar pages, you've done an awesome job on them.

12-24-2007, 09:50 PM
Thanks Helen and Elaine ~ hope your Christmas has been wonderful so far~!

12-25-2007, 05:20 AM
Merry Christmas to you too Kathy...hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.