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03-29-2012, 04:52 PM
Congratulations Donakat-Dona!

We have all seen Dona's fantastic layouts around the gallery. You can find her work in our challenges every month too! Dona is always ready to answer questions and has a wonderful way of explaining how to do all kinds of "digi" things. Here is a link to her gallery (http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=14768&sl=d), please be sure to take a look!

1). How and when did you get into digi-scrapping?
I made a book with photos of my granddaughter on Blurb. I thought it would be great to extend that kind of activity to showcase the old photos I'd amassed during my family history research, as well as show off the tons of photos of my granddaughter that my son and I were taking and sharing. I'd done some traditional scrapbooking as a kid, but not the kind of scrapping by hand that has become so popular of late. I'd also worked in graphic arts for about 25 years, so was able to use my page layout skills and familiarity with Photoshop to begin digiscrapping. All this happened in mid 2008, so I've been digiscrapping now for almost 4 years.

2). Where are you from and tell us a little about yourself; perhaps about your family?
I'm an Air Force brat who grew up all around the world--my parents' home in Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Virginia, Germany, and England during my early years. My family stayed in Arizona, where I went to college and later met my husband while he was in grad school. I worked for a number of years as a psychologist before having children. My husband and I moved to San Diego in 1974 and made our home here with our two children. Our son and his wife and daughter (plus a soon-to-be-born son) live in Mississippi, and our unmarried daughter lives in San Diego. I'm now retired from regular work and enjoying traveling, genealogical research, and visiting my granddaughter.

3). If you could travel to any place in the world where would you go, with whom and why?
My husband and I are looking forward to a grand tour of Australia and New Zealand in the not so far future. We also plan to eventually travel to Europe to find the places where my ancestors lived. I wish I had had an interest in family history during the times I lived in Europe as a teenager.

4). What will you purchase with your winning coupon?
I think it's gotta be Booland's Purple Haze kit. So much purpley goodness! If you know me, you know how much I love purple.

5). What's your very favorite food?
Is chocolate a food? Another fave is sweet potatoes.

6). How much time do you digi-scrap per week?
Making my own layouts, about 10-15 hours per week. Making supplies, working with tutorials and learning new techniques adds at least another 10-15 hours.

7). What program do you use?
Photoshop and Illustrator CS4, Art Rage

8). What would you rather have, more time or more money?
Definitely more time. You can never get back what you've spent in time, and as you get older it gets more precious.

9). What do you love most about digi-scrapping?
I love the endless possibilities for a given layout, trying out various techniques, and getting to see how things would look. Then using "undo." It would be so great if real life had an undo command, too.

10). What layout are you most proud of creating and why (share a link, please)?
I do a couple quite different types of layouts. One of my favorites of my heritage layouts is this one: Remember Me, which is the right half of a double-page spread, featuring not only family history facts and photos, but also my journaled memories. Other layouts showcase my granddaughter, my photography, or our vacation photos. Of this kind, Reflections is a layout that required several different techniques, and I'm proud of the final product.

03-29-2012, 06:25 PM
Congrats Dona! You are an awesome Scrapper so appreciate the wealth of info you have shared!

03-30-2012, 04:09 AM
Congrats Dona!
Your Layouts are all so wonderful!