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Precepts and Promises
03-27-2012, 03:40 PM
I have a new bundle, especially for Easter, on sale in my store. It's a collection of five of my Easter products.
I've included:
Messy Masks, Vol.2 Springtime
Words of Easter
Words of Easter, Vol.2
He is Risen
Easter Papers
http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/images/large/_barbara/gds_pandp_easdterbundlepv_LRG.jpg (http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_dnld_info&cPath=29_183&products_id=10951)

You get all these products for only $5.00, but only until Easter, so don't delay!

Do you sometimes need a little whimsy for your layouts? Well, then Dotted Doodles might be just what you need! This is a collection of 22 different doodles of various sizes, including borders, photo borders, swirls, and journaling lines.
You can:
re-color them (Layer>Fill Layer>Solid Color-- be sure Use Previous Layer as Clipping Mask IS checked),
add a style--perhaps a glitter/shimmer or an acrylic,
turn a squiggle into path a for butterflies or ladybugs, or
clip them to a photo.

http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/images/large/_barbara/gds_pandp_dotteddoodlespv_LRG.jpg (http://www.godigitalscrapbooking.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_dnld_info&cPath=29_183&products_id=10945)

Dotted Doodles is on sale for 25% off until April 3.

03-27-2012, 03:58 PM
O wow! These are some I've been admiring :biggrin:

03-27-2012, 05:51 PM
Superb! Love the doodles :)

Precepts and Promises
03-27-2012, 07:12 PM
Superb! Love the doodles :)

Thanks, Lone; they were fun, too!

03-28-2012, 02:08 PM
Just picked them up!!

Precepts and Promises
03-28-2012, 02:22 PM
Aww... thanks, Amanda!