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05-31-2007, 03:01 PM
... as I've been leaving love in the Gallery. There's SO many pictures of whole families together!!
I realized that I'm TERRIBLY camera shy ... and if the camera is in anyone else's hands, I'm HIDING for my dear life. One would think that I was afraid of having my soul captured *rolls eyes at self*

How many of you all are the ones holding on tightly to the camera reins .. and how many of you want to step into the limelight and let someone ELSE point and click?

05-31-2007, 03:11 PM
How's this? Abigail is almost nine months old. I've taken over 3000 pictures since then (based on my camera counter) and there's not ONE of me since we got home from the hospital (I was too out of it to complain about anyone taking pictures then!) I would love to have some pictures of me with the kids, but I just don't see it happening any time soon!

05-31-2007, 03:21 PM
You're right - there are very few photos with me in it. I do most of the photo taking so I'm usually NOT in very many photos. I have to literally ASK someone to take a photo of me and the kids - or they wouldn't even think of it.

I used to have to make copies of photos for the family - including my own sister-in-law who rarely took photos at family events. However, once I went to digital, now I just give them copies on a CD and THEY have to make their own copies - saves me a lot of money this way. HA HA.

I don't think they like it as much - but hey - they all have cameras too!
I guess that's what I get for taking so many photos.


05-31-2007, 03:29 PM
Since I do nearly all of the picture taking, it is so nice once in a while to just hand off my baby (camera) to someone else and let them take a few pictures. I honestly don't mind being in pictures if I look presentable that day. LOL However, I don't always like what I see when I look at myself in the picture. I'm so critical. Oh look at that fat roll....another chin.....This is me LOL. I do like to have pictures with my family and kiddos b/c I don't have hardly any from my childhood with my parents or siblings and I so wish that I did.

05-31-2007, 03:33 PM
LOL ... my kids are going to think that I was nonexistent in their lives!! I can't STAND the way I look in pictures ... so I won't let ANYONE take one of me!!

05-31-2007, 04:12 PM
I haven't liked what I've seen of me in a pic for a LONG time! When I was younger, I didn't like what I saw of me in a photo either, but I sure look a heck of a lot better then than now!!! lol

I read a post recently (don't know when or where) that photos shouldn't be "perfect" - they should show life as it is so that it can be preserved. I love to look back on how my kids looked, and I don't mind looking back at myself now, I just don't like what I see of me now! :bigeyes: But, I would love my grandchildren to see pics of us together (I do have a few with my children) so they can look back and remember the good times we've had together. :biggrin:

05-31-2007, 04:14 PM
And, if you haven't noticed, there is no pic of me here - just the initials! lol

05-31-2007, 04:15 PM
This one that I have up here is just about the ONLY one of me that there is recently!! I keep on deletin' em as I find 'em :laugh: I'm just TERRIBLE!!

05-31-2007, 04:31 PM
I'm the shutterbug in my marriage...and whenever we go travelling, I get home and realize that I don't have any pictures of me in front of (insert really important tourist site here), only my husband. So now I'm getting used to asking him all the time to take pictures of me so I can have ones of me at important places. We even bought a tripod on China when we were there so we could get pictures of both of us. AND...since I take/upload the pictures, I can delete the ones of me that I don't want seen :)

05-31-2007, 05:14 PM
I am getting better about being in photos. Giving the old digital camera to my partner means I don't have a lot of choice.
It is genetic for me, my Mother hates being in photos and when doing a scrapbook for my father recently I had no photos of him between toddler and his wedding. After I got my first camera that changed...

05-31-2007, 05:46 PM
This one that I have up here is just about the ONLY one of me that there is recently!! I keep on deletin' em as I find 'em :laugh: I'm just TERRIBLE!!

I do the same thing, Traci! My husband is the photographer in our family and as soon as the pictures are downloaded I delete all the pictures I'm in that show all the stuff I don't like - which is mostly everything!!! LOL:laugh: :laugh:

05-31-2007, 06:21 PM
There are very few pics of me with my family.
Now I look back, and I am really upset I didn't let my pic be taken.
At least I wasn't as big and as wrinkley as I am now.
So now matter how bad you think you look, take the pic!!! You'll be happier later on that you did!!

05-31-2007, 07:48 PM
I agree, this is one of the hardest things I've ever done - actually let someone take a picture with me in it and then scrap it. I guess I realized, though, that even though I think I look horrid in photos my kids see me everyday anyway so if I'm in the photo it's not really any different. :D

05-31-2007, 08:20 PM
My 5yo son LOVES to take pictures, so I let him do it. I end up with some of the oddest pictures, and a lot of them are unflattering (when did my -insert body part here- get so HUGE?) but that's how he sees the world. I think there are only about 15 of the 400 or so pictures that I've taken, since we moved here, that have me in it. LOL

06-01-2007, 12:38 AM
I very rarely have photos of me which is a real shame - like others have said, as much as I hate looking at myself in pics, I do want my girls to know that I was around in their childhoods! I had to actually ask my dad to take a pic of my and my girls on Mothers Day back in March cos I don't think I have eveer had my photo taken with all of them! Maybe I need to borrow his tripod and take some of us all together, but what i would really like is some 'non-posed' ones of us all together!

06-01-2007, 01:56 AM
I have quite a lot of me with my kids and now grand kids. I just say to people here now take a photo of me. Best thing I ever learnt to do as I took a photo with my twin brother and I almost 7 years ago just after he got out of hospital and he didnt want it taken, I got him to just "bare with me" and got a couple taken. Ten weeks later he was dead. They were the last photo of us twins together. I have just turned 50 in April and it was hard with out him but got my photos. :) So get in them photos as you never know when that will be the one that means the world to those we leave behind.

06-01-2007, 06:10 AM
hahaha that is so me!

i hate seeing myself in photos... plus im the official fotog during family events so i rarely get in front of the cam!

but now, im lamenting the fact that i dont have a lot of pictures of myself to scrap with! even if im just the one who'll see it hehehe


06-01-2007, 06:54 AM
:giggle: There are only a handful of picture with me in them. My DH has gotten better about making a point to take the camera from me and snap some of me and the kids, but only on vacations, holidays, etc. Very few pics of me doing just everyday stuff. I scrapped the pic that I use as my avatar and that was HARD!!! I have a really hard time scrapping any pics with me in then, but i make myself do it. I am alwasy thinking, "My hair looks horrible!", "Am I really getting that LARGE!?!?", "Why is my neck sticking out like that?". LOL!!! So many pics of me with my neck at an odd angle!! I have no idea why!