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08-26-2011, 07:52 AM
Hi Everyone!

Many of us are getting ready for back to school and some of us have already started the school year off.

My daughter started first grade, and a big jump to being in school all day.
It is a long day and I am wondering how we are going to get homework done?

I started including "lunch box" notes, tucked in her lunch box. Since she loves corny jokes, I made those this week (Why did the cookies go to the doctor?). She wants me to send her off with a new joke everyday now. I was planning on mixing things up with some inspirational notes too, but the jokes have been requested. Now I am off to search for her joke and riddle books to help me out, but I am loving the idea of using my digi stash too to dress up the little cards with some cool graphics.

My plan is to make up a week's worth and have those ready, tucked in my little crayon box hybrid project. I am hoping that this will also encourage her to try to sound out the words on her own too, and get her motivated to read. Right now we are struggling with the reading on her own versus being read to, which she much prefers.

Is there anything special that you do with the kids, or have done to make back to school special? I would love to hear your ideas.

08-26-2011, 08:50 AM
Oh how fun!! That's such a great idea! And something she can share with her friends!
My boys have decided over the years that they only want me to do 2 things to celebrate school.
They want what they call "first day of school cookies" and "last day of school celebration cake."
For about 2 weeks before each, they flip through magazines, cookbooks etc, to pick out what they want.
They get pretty creative. But I had to draw the line this year at the 8 ft tall cookie tower! lol :eek1