View Full Version : Just popped in to say HI

04-24-2007, 02:30 PM
Came here to show off my album to friends hehe. Had to show them my cool crayfish. Hope you all doing ok. Missing this heaps but yeah .. no progress at this end for a new computer.

Take care everyone


Holy Emoticons :wub1:

04-24-2007, 02:33 PM
Just cleaned up my siggie for yas too. Oh and thanks for leaving my album there. I was worried it might be gone. Cheers

04-24-2007, 02:36 PM
Hello-how have you been? You are missed around here. Other than the computer--I hope all is going well for you.:hello:

04-24-2007, 03:21 PM
Hi There Melissa! We miss you too.. glad that you stopped by!!

04-24-2007, 04:33 PM
Hi Melissa! Yes we do see you layouts popping up at the side bar every now and then!

PA Grandma
05-17-2007, 12:57 PM
Hi Melissa-saw your name (Phoenix) on one of the Daily Downloads from Dec- Someone must have replied recently and I thought maybe you were back again with a new computer but guess not. (sniff) I just want you to know that there are plenty of people like me out here missing you. Hope all(else) is well with you...Mary W

05-17-2007, 03:33 PM
She had some very nice daily downloads.

05-17-2007, 03:53 PM
Thanks for stopping by!!! Can't wait until you get a new computer!!! Take care!!