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01-05-2010, 09:43 AM
There is a bridal show this weekend. I want to set up a booth to draw in my clients. My website isn't completed yet but I know 2 well established photographers that are setting up booths and don't have one at all. I do have an updated Blog that I could put down on my paper prints for information about me and my work. My website just isn't ready to distribute to cliental yet.
I thought I had more time to prepare for this .... I have so much to do! I can order all my prints today for my portfolios and have them delivered overnight and get them on Thursday. I already have some portfolios ready, I would just like to offer a couple more for clients to browse. I have my price sheets ready but just not printed. Anyways~
What would you look for in a booth? It's a 10x10 booth,not that big,they provide the tables and backdrops that are silver and maroon. What should I do to draw in a crowd to my booth. I am thinking about sitting up a tv/dvd player with DVD's that I have made up with my wedding pictures. I offer this service in every package. Please help ...
Should I just go and observe and set up next year or try my hand at it his year. I really need more bookings. I am missing shooting my weddings!

01-05-2010, 10:17 AM
How expensive is the booth? Can you put something together by Sat to represent yourself properly? If so & it's cost effective-DO IT! If you think you would not be able to make a good showing, maybe it's be good to plan for next year. You definitely want a good impression.

I'm going to two bridals shows this weekend as the one in my area is the 23rd of this month. I too have a 10X10 booth. From the research I've done, keep it simple. Definitely utilize your blog and have a couple LARGE prints. Do you have frames at your house you could put them in? DVD player would be great! Here, these are a big deal and you spend quite a bit of money on them.
PM or call me if you want to chat! ;)

01-05-2010, 11:31 AM
when i was shopping for my wedding releated things, i was overwhelmed at the bridal shows by the pushy people at the booths -- you know, the ones who would step right out and grab you to come see their stuff. it freaked me out.

i liked looking at what the sellers had to offer, but not having someone in my face. i interviewed several photographers, and the worst impression I had was the one guy who had a whole list of his requirements -- he needed to sit a guest table and have dinner as a guest, not as a service provider, he needed so much time for his dinner and break, he would not even look at a list of people or group of people that we wanted to have photos with -- everything the guy did was set in stone. his photos were amazing, but his personality was zero.

at a booth -- handouts were what i was looking for -- a website I could then go to, in order to see actual photos or shoots from a wedding. because I lived hundreds of miles away from where I was getting married, I needed to be able to do as much upfront as I could to maximize my time.

i like Alisha's idea of having your photos in frames. A variety of shots from formal to candid shots. maybe even dressing up your booth space with some white tulle and lights draped around to give a wedding feel.

do you have a way of showing some of the different effects you could offer -- like b&w, sepia, vintage, etc --

01-05-2010, 11:34 AM
I think the DVD player would be great--keep it looped so it plays continuously without you having to keep watch on it. As a customer, I'd look for pictures that show a variety of different locations, poses, and showcases your unique style as well as your willingness to do different kinds of shoots, in case that's what I'm looking for. Good luck!

01-05-2010, 05:11 PM
The things that would be most important to me cause this is MY big day is:

1. how much?
2. guarantee?
3. what do I get for my $$?
4. clear concise contract? am I getting you or a stand in? What happens if you're sick?

Answer those and I'd be happy! .. oh yeah.. and samples of your work.. and people who I can speak to who've used you're service. :biggrin:

01-05-2010, 05:53 PM
Need something to draw people in -- ie a drawing or chance ($100 off or freebie something or extra something.

Which really is a way for you to get a list of name, address, email, phone number. Then you follow up with them!

Could also offer a booking discount if NOW make the contract or set up an appointment for later. Also if you do their wedding and they refer you to a friend who books, they get a free 1st anniv or baby shot or something nice.

These girls are months and years ahead so not very likely to book and sign a contract on the spot.

You do have to be out there and in their face, but in a gracious way so that they would like you. (You can't just sit behind the booth and wait for people to come up to you.) Stand at corner, invite them in "Sign up for free........ here"

And, really do need a second (or third) person who can talk to and greet people when you are busy or setting appointments.