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11-08-2009, 07:55 AM
Please pray for us as Steven (age 3) has sugery on Tuesday morning. They are going to do a lip revision, lift his nose (on the one side) and also re-put in ear tubes (his current ones are falling out and his one ear is already filling with fluid, affecting his hearing....it seems to be bothering him a little too).

We will be in the hospital till about Wednesday noon (a 23 hour stay after surgery). I was told surgery would take about 2 hours and will probably be the first one of the day (7:30 or so....I will find that info out on Monday evening).


11-08-2009, 08:20 AM

I'm so sorry Steven has to go through this.. poor little fellow! He'll definitely be in my thoughts & prayers as will you too.. never easy for Mom to go through either.


11-08-2009, 09:07 AM
Hope all goes well - hugs and prayers!

11-08-2009, 09:15 AM
May Steven have a quick recovery and continue to improve!

11-08-2009, 09:20 AM
I don't know you but I will include Steven & your family in my prayers. God bless!

11-08-2009, 09:27 AM
Wendy my thoughts and paryers will be with you and your family - all the best to little Steven:)

11-08-2009, 09:43 AM
I'm sorry the little guy has to go through so much. I hope all goes well and he has a speedy recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

11-08-2009, 09:54 AM
I will be praying that all goes well.

11-08-2009, 10:32 AM
You and Steven are in my thoughts and prayers.

11-08-2009, 11:11 AM
Will definitely be praying for Steven and for you - for surgery as well as after as I know that will be tought too. {{{hugs}}}

11-08-2009, 12:04 PM
You and Steven will be surrounded with prayers on Tuesday. Mine will be among them. May God keep and bless you both.

11-08-2009, 12:16 PM
Your family and Steven will be in my prayers.

11-08-2009, 02:35 PM
So sorry to hear about Steven. He should not have to go thru that at such a young age. Poor guy!:frown:

11-08-2009, 02:38 PM
Best wishes to Steven for an easy time and fast recovery. I'll be thinking of you all on Tuesday.

11-09-2009, 01:43 PM
Thanks all! We found out that he will be having surgery at 7:30 am as we suspected. We will have to be out of the house a little before 5:00am to be there by 6:00am.

11-09-2009, 01:49 PM
Hugs and prayers to you all, Wendy! Best wishes :)

11-10-2009, 03:44 AM
Oh Wendy...................I am so sorry to hear this bad news. You, your family and little Steven are in my prayers and thoughts. Please let us know how it all goes.

A big hug,

11-10-2009, 04:30 AM
Thanks all.

Jhyll - actually it is not bad news as Steven was born with a cleft palate, so this is just one of the steps in fixing it. In his case, it is a good thing. :)

I posted some pre-surgery photos on our blog. He did really well and I think he understood what was happening. When asked if he know what was happening, he pointed to his lip area. He was fine, but once they got him al ready to go to pre-op, he seemed to understand what was going to happen and seemed to get nervous. Hopefully surgery is about 1/2 done at this point.


11-10-2009, 05:44 AM
We will be thinking of you all as Steven is off to surgery.
I hope it is speedy and successful

11-10-2009, 07:01 AM
Thank you for the update Wendy...Steven looks so sweet there with his stuffed animal and little socks... hugs and prayers for his surgery to go very well and for your entire family during this time.

Hope you have a speedy recovery with lots of icecream Steven!

11-10-2009, 09:10 AM
You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how it all goes. :)

11-10-2009, 09:49 AM
I just saw this Wendy, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and especially for Steven, here's praying that the surgery is a complete success and he heals fast.
Hugs :)

11-10-2009, 04:19 PM
praying for God's loving care for Steven and all your beautiful family.

11-10-2009, 05:11 PM
Wendy, I just checked out your blog and it looks like he is doing well. Even though this is a fairly common surgery, it's never easy for the children nor the parents!! I pray that he will recover quickly and that he will be back to his active life soon. Blessings to you and your family.

11-10-2009, 05:37 PM
He's looking good, Wendy! Good to see him smile after surgery, and now you can relax a bit.

11-11-2009, 05:25 AM
Glad to hear that Steven is doing well and got rid of that string too :)

hugs to you all!

11-11-2009, 05:53 AM
I checked your blog Wendy and I'm glad to see that Steven seems to be doing very well. I pray the surgery was successful and he heals quickly.

11-11-2009, 10:00 AM
So glad to see him up and smiling:) Wishing the best in the recovery - sometimes that is even harder...thinking of your family:)

11-11-2009, 10:33 AM
Glad to hear everything went well. He looks like he handled it fine! What a trooper!!:bow2me:

11-11-2009, 12:27 PM
Thanks everyone. Steven is doing quite well...now is the big job of keeping him from damaging the area. I may not be doing my scrapbooking as I really need to keep a good eye on him. Don't want anything to happen to undo all of our surgeon's work. :) Several at the hospital said that it looks like our Dr did a great job. I will have to post photos in a few weeks of his 'new' face.