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07-16-2009, 10:13 AM
Hey girls! My birthday is this Sunday, so I am going to give you all a little birthday present! One of you will win my new kit - even if you don't win, you will get a little present from me....one of the many add-ons I am making to go with it! (Those are still a secret though, sorry!)

Anyway, to win, tell me when your birthday is, month and day will do, and then tell me what you want for your next birthday!

I'll go first, my birthday is July 19 (I'm turning 35, I can't believe it!). For my birthday I want a new camera and Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich!

Here is my new kit (not released yet!) So Wonderful! It's cute and whimsical and is great for showing off those pics of how wonderful life can be!

I will announce the winner on Saturday, July 18! You have until 6pm EST to enter!!



07-16-2009, 10:25 AM
Awesome new kit Chanin, and Happy Birthday to you!!

My birthday is Oct 2nd, I used to say I was 39 forever til my kids starting hitting their 30's and knew I couldn't get away with that statement anymore, lol.

I would love to be able to take a trip to SC to visit my DD & grandkids for my birthday this year.

07-16-2009, 10:26 AM
Happy Early Birthday Chanin....love this new kit!

07-16-2009, 11:33 AM
Beautiful Kit. My birthday is March 4th and I would like to take another trip with my twin sister. Last b'day, we went to Pigeon Forge,Tn and had an unforgettable week-end together. Our favorite topic of conversation is digital scrapbooking.

07-16-2009, 11:40 AM
Cute new kit, Chanin, and happy birthday! For my birthday on December 13 (long way away...) I think I want an upgrade to Creative Suite.

07-16-2009, 11:42 AM
Happy Birthday, Chanin! That kit is too cute!

My birthday is March 21, and I would like a NetBook, but I don't think I can wait that long :)

07-16-2009, 12:22 PM
Happy Birthday Chanin - My birthday is September 16th and I have a really big one coming up!!! I thought I wanted to go to Las Vegas, but I really lucked out and got an early one!!! My second grandson was born 4 weeks early and he is beautiful and healthy and perfect. I now have 2 precious reasons for scrapbooking til my heart's content. I love your new kit. The title describes exactly how I feel. I think I might go to Vegas anyway!

07-16-2009, 12:25 PM
love the new kit Chanin! the colors are so pretty and fun, and I see lots of Happy pages!
Happy Birthday! hope you get that camera!

my bd is Jan16
If I could have anything I want for my birthday, it would be to go to Hawaii again. But in the real world, I would like to take Illustrator Classes :)

07-16-2009, 12:56 PM
What a great contest! Happy early birthday!

My birthday is April 17 and what I want for my birthday is a weekend alone with my hubby where I can sleep in as late as I want to and not have to cook, clean, or do laundry and magically return to my home with my kids happy and my home clean, with no backup of housework to do! :) I can always dream!

07-16-2009, 01:04 PM
Great new kit Chanin! Thanks for the chance to win it. And I hope you have a great Birthday. My birthday is Dec 21 and I want a day at the spa (ALONE!) and a 1T ehd. :)

07-16-2009, 01:05 PM
Happy Birthday Chanin.

My B/D is March 10. I would really like a laptop for my B/D but I'd be happy with a sun filled day with no worries, no dishes, no cooking or cleaning. *woot

07-16-2009, 01:05 PM
OOOO!!! Great colors! My birthday is March 29th and since this year was my big 50 my wishes for 51 haven't been thought of yet!!! Let's see, I'd love to be able to buy myself a new car. It's time!!!

07-16-2009, 02:04 PM
Happy birthday Chanin for Sunday. Hope you get your camera, & Finger Lickin' Fifteen and that you have just the best day ever!

Love your new kit. The colours are great and the flowers, birds and bees.......................too cute!!

My birthday is Feb 12.....................always wanted to be a St Valentine's baby but my mother decided differently lol!

For my birthday I would love for my daughter to be completly healthy and healed. Other than that I would love a new lap top!

Birthday hugs! :balloons:


07-16-2009, 02:09 PM
Oh how cute! I love this kit! Bright, cheery, and makes me wanna scrap! Can't wait to see what you come up with for add-ons!

Happy birthday and those Evanovich novels are the best. I stopped at 13 and I wouldn't mind going back and reading them ALL again.

My birthday is Aug 2 and I'd love to be all caught up with all my accounting and outstanding client tax returns so I can relax!!! <g>


07-16-2009, 02:23 PM
Happy Birthday to you! :balloons:

Your new kit is beautiful - such lovely bright colors. I would love a chance to win it. My birthday is October 23 and I'm going to ask for gift certificates to the GDS store and the store on my other favorite digi-scrape forum.

07-16-2009, 02:43 PM
Happy Birthday for Sunday Chanin! Love your new kit! I would love to win it!
My birthday is the 11th of October and it is my big 40 this year! Mmmm, what do I want for my birthday, well I am hoping that my mum and sister come over to Germany for my birthday. The we can have a cocktail party!

07-16-2009, 07:03 PM
beautiful kit

My birthday is July 3, all kind of new camera equipment would be wonderful for my birthday

07-16-2009, 07:16 PM
Beautiful kit, Chanin! Happy Birthday!

07-16-2009, 07:38 PM
happy early birthday. hope you get all your goodies

my b'day is dec 10th. not sure what i would like but i guess a "me" alone day would be nice

07-16-2009, 08:24 PM
Love your new kit, Chanin. The colors make me smile. My birthday is December 15. At that time of year I can definitely use a day of peace and quiet.

07-16-2009, 10:19 PM
My birthday is January 8. For my next birthday, I would love a trip - somewhere wonderful and historical (like London), however, I doubt I would get that.

Have a wonderful birthday and I love your new kit.

07-16-2009, 10:33 PM
My Birthday is April 6th and I want a Waacom tablet.

07-17-2009, 04:16 AM
I LOVE that kit, it's soooo wonderful!!! I love all the bright colors especially the oranges.

My birthday is August 18 & I want a new camera, but I'll settle for the day off of maid duty at my house!!

07-17-2009, 04:39 AM
great Kit Chanin.
My birthday is january the 14th. My birthdaywish is a PSE classe, to learn more of the great stuff you can do with it.

07-17-2009, 05:12 AM
Happy B-Day Chanin! Hope your wishes come truth!:wink:
Mine is on February 19th, and I'm 38. I wish I could meet my niece (my only sister's daughter) Maybe some day. . . . .

P.S. Love the kit !!!:vb_chirolp_iei::gogo:

07-17-2009, 05:21 AM
Happy Birthday Chanin! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
My birthday is Feb. 24th---hmmm...I'd like a new outfit from Ann Taylor Loft and a GDS gift card.

07-17-2009, 05:52 AM
Chanin! You've done it again, what a beautiful kit!!!!

My birthday is April 29th.....I'll be a whopping 37 next year! Yikes! I would like to get a brand new laptop. An Apple! I have never owned an Apple computer, but I want one. I also want a new camera! An awesome one!!! But hey, that's not askin' too much is it? LOL! Let's see what my family comes up with! :wink:

07-17-2009, 06:00 AM
Happy Birthday Chanin! I hope you have a wonderful day and get what you've wished for. I love the new kit, great colors and beautiful elements.

My birthday is April 20 and I would love a laptop but since that's really unlikely, gift certificates for scrapbooking supplies would be great too.

07-17-2009, 09:19 AM
Happy Birthday to you!
My birthday is Nov. 9th and I would love a laptop computer for my birthday so can take on trips (oh yeah, I would like some trips too! lol)

07-17-2009, 10:28 AM
Happy Birthday Chanin! :balloons: My birthday is February 10th and I would love to finally take that week away on vacation with my dear husband that keeps getting put off. *smug

07-17-2009, 11:53 AM
Mine is long way off yet, Dec 6. And let's just say that when taking a survey, I'm now shocked to find myself in the 2nd to last oldest age catagory!

So don't need or want much. But for my birthday, some one had better share ice cream with me.

07-17-2009, 01:47 PM
I love your new kit! My b-day is March 23 and I would like a couple new games for my NDS!

07-17-2009, 09:18 PM
My birthday is August 11.

I've got my present already, I'm going to see Aerosmith on August 1st - my favorite band and my first time seeing them in concert.

I'm also wishing for a new point and shoot (little one broke my last one and I can't lug the D200 around with me everywhere I go)


07-18-2009, 07:46 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you get that camera and I hope you have a great day.
Love this kit, Pick me as the winner!!!!!

My birthday is Dec 7th. For my birthday, I would like for my children and grandchildren to be together. That has not happened in 5 years. Second wish: classes to learn more about digital scrapbooking.

07-18-2009, 12:44 PM
Don't miss your chance girls!!! Only a couple more hours to enter for your chance to win!

By the way, I got my camera today for my birthday!!! Yay!!

07-18-2009, 01:38 PM
Yay!!!! Get busy snapping those pics to digiscrap.

07-18-2009, 02:49 PM
Woohoo. Glad your Birthday wish came true.

07-18-2009, 09:28 PM
By the way, I got my camera today for my birthday!!! Yay!!

What kind did you get? and do you love it? I'm still researching the one I want.

07-18-2009, 09:35 PM
*wootHooray! So glad you got your camera!

07-20-2009, 12:05 PM
Thanks everyone for entering to win! I will be announcing the winner tonight or tomorrow! I am on vacation right now, so it depends on when I have a chance to get on the internet again!!

Thanks for your patience! I had a great birthday and the camera I got is a Sony Cyber-Shot, 12 megapixels. I LOVE it!!

07-20-2009, 12:49 PM
On vacation WITH a new camera! That totally rocks! Hope you have enough memory cards!! lol


07-21-2009, 10:38 AM
The winner of "So Wonderful" is Adriana:vb_chirolp_iei:! Congratulations!

I will be contacting you at the end of the week with your prize (after I get home from vacation!)lol

I will also send a little something to everyone else who entered! Thank you so much for entering and sharing your birthday's and birthday wishes with me!!:balloons:

07-21-2009, 11:11 AM
I'm so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!*woot*woot*woot

Gosh ! since I saw it for the first time I fell in love with it!

Thanks so much Chanin!! Hope you are enjoying your vacations and hear back from you soon.:laugh::laugh::vb_chirolp_iei::vb_chirolp_iei ::vb_chirolp_iei::vb_chirolp_iei:

07-21-2009, 11:28 AM
Congrats Adriana. Look forward to seeing your lo's you make with the kit.

07-21-2009, 11:30 AM
Congrats Adriana. Look forward to seeing your lo's you make with the kit.

Actually if Chanin brings photos from her vacations I will do her something nice in return :wink:

07-21-2009, 12:40 PM
Congrats Adriana!! what an awesome kit to win - lucky YOU!!

07-21-2009, 02:01 PM
I only have one thing you say: WONDERFUL!


And of course ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! :)

07-21-2009, 02:18 PM
Happy Happy Birthday Chanin.. and love your new kit!! It really is wonderful!

07-21-2009, 03:15 PM
Way to go Adriana! Congrats. :wink:

07-21-2009, 05:42 PM
:hi:Happy early B'day Chanin:balloons:, mine is Oct 14 and I would like to go to Ct, with my DD and my grandchildren, I love Fall colors and always have a very good B'day with them.:wink::laugh:

07-21-2009, 10:36 PM
Congrats Adriana!!