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06-14-2009, 02:45 PM
As some of you all know,my dh and I are building a new house and my internet will be shut down for about 4 weeks. I am so upset because I feel like I am losing touch with my second family here. I will be back with lots of layouts to show off of our house being finished. I MAY get the chance to go to the library to check email and say hello. So please don't miss me to much tee hee. Good Bye and Happy Scrapping,

06-14-2009, 03:41 PM
We'll miss you, of course, but look forward to seeing how everything came out! No internet...scary thought!!

06-14-2009, 04:28 PM
We will miss you and your beautiful lo's. Look forward to seeing lots of pics when you get .back online. I think I would cry going w/o internet for that long

06-14-2009, 04:55 PM
OMG!!! No internet. Well, I'll send positive thoughts your way and congrats on your new home!! Looking forward to having you back.

06-14-2009, 04:57 PM
Arrrrr Sheila - no internet for 4 weeks - this is terrable news - like a world disaster - LOL. Great that you are getting a new house - Guess the library will be seeing alot of you in the coming weeks. I hope they have a coffee bar there. LOL.

06-14-2009, 05:52 PM
Wow!! We will miss you!! That's great that you are building a house, though!! Take care! We will talk to you when you get back "online"!:wink:

06-14-2009, 05:57 PM
Big Congrats on your home, Sheila! I know it's been a long time comin'! Look forward to when you get back online :-)

06-14-2009, 11:32 PM
We'll certainly miss you Sheila! Good luck with building your house...how exciting!

06-14-2009, 11:48 PM
Oh my goodness - how will you cope??!! I'd hate that!!!

Will miss you and look forward to seeing your LOs when you come back :)

06-15-2009, 12:06 AM
I totally feel with you! But you will have a stressful time with the house so time will fly!
I really understand - see me already in my holiday running from town to town to get an internet connection LOL

06-15-2009, 12:29 AM
Don't worry Sheila, time will fly by with all the stuff going on with the new house! I can't wait to see how it will look like all finished! Take care and enjoy the time without the Internet! :) It will be great, you'll find out! :D

06-15-2009, 12:32 AM
Oh my word..................no internet!!! Your new home will be worth not having internet for a month or so. Good luck with your home, we look forward to seeing it and having you back!

06-17-2009, 04:16 PM
Can't wait to see pics of the new house!!

06-17-2009, 04:55 PM
Good luck with the new house. I would hate to be w/o internet for 4 weeks or more. Talk about withdrawal! We look forward to your return and expect to see lots of layouts of that new house.