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05-18-2009, 12:45 PM
never, ever let your child color with crayons near your laptop

my dd was coloring quietly (for a change) next to the old laptop (with just her games and photos on it) when she starting running to the bathroom for tissues. The crayon must have been right next to the fan/vent and one of those super jumbo toddler crayons melted and :confused1:oozed all over my window seat and inside the ports of the laptop. finally got the wax off the window seat, but not so lucky with the laptop.

05-18-2009, 05:04 PM
Oooooooh.....sounds gruesome. Sorry this happened to you.

I wonder if the computer repair people could replace the cooling /fan part where the crayon melted.

05-18-2009, 06:40 PM
Ohhh no, please tell me you had back-ups of the photos!

05-19-2009, 06:07 AM
Oh MAN! So sorry Liz!

05-19-2009, 09:09 AM
yeah -- just my luck
but I thought I should pass it along in case anyone else could benefit.
i have my photos backed up -- so i didn't lose anything, which was the only positive about the whole thing!

05-19-2009, 09:22 AM
Oh my goodness! I would never thought of that happening!!

05-19-2009, 10:05 AM
Oh, no! That stinks! I never even thought about that! Thanks for the warning!

05-19-2009, 10:12 AM
Oh my goodness, Liz! Thanks for telling us! My kids have had crayons near my laptop before, but not anymore!! So sorry this happened!!!

05-19-2009, 10:24 AM
Well, that just proves the point that you can never anticipate all the crazy things that can happen around kidlets!! As my DH and I are babysitting our granddaughter for the week, we're relearning all the hazards and unknowns that make it a big job raising toddlers. It takes both of us to keep track of her:twitcy:.

05-20-2009, 05:40 AM
Yuck :( good info. to know! sorry it happened...but glad you had your pictures backed up :)