View Full Version : Miche Bags

04-21-2009, 10:01 PM
Have you all seen these?!? They are so stinkin cute I just have to have one! (I hear you giggling Alisha!)
If any of you sell these or know someone who does PLEASE let me know. (I hear you can get them cheaper from a home consultant heehee)
If you've never seen them go look them up! Soooo cute!!

04-21-2009, 10:44 PM
oooh they are adorable!!! The Kate and Maya designs are definitely me!!!

04-22-2009, 04:29 AM
I agree. These are great! How handy are these?!!!

04-22-2009, 06:14 AM
I totally started giggling before I even opened this post!! I saw the topic and knew you were behind it! She's been drooling & obsessing over these for days. They are so adorable!!! And I think you should have one!!

04-23-2009, 08:43 PM
Oh boy - these could get me in real trouble!

04-23-2009, 08:48 PM
Lovin the Cassidy and Joie styles, plus I would have to have the long handles and the closet organizer,