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  1. Wanted: Looking for a Preview Maker
  2. It's Supreme Team IX Contest Time!!!
  3. Red Hot... Right Now.. for you!
  4. Now taking enrollments for February GoDigitalClasses!
  5. Happy Birthday Christy!!!
  6. Come Meet The New Supreme Team IX!!
  7. It's a Sunshine Collab for March!
  8. Now taking enrollments for April GoDigitalClasses
  9. Become a Facebook Fan!
  10. Oh boy... Oh boy... Oh boy!!!
  11. Surprise! Please Welcome A Very Special New Designer to GDS!!
  12. I'm feeling a Little Bingo Tingly coming on!
  13. SUMMER BINGO - this Friday the 16th!
  14. GDS Has A Brand New Designer!
  15. Welcome Back ~ With A Twist!
  16. *Special Announcement ~ New Designer Joins Us!*
  17. DSD Bingo!
  18. Introducing Anna Designs! New GDS Designer!
  19. SweetMade, Inc. Joins GDS Design Team!
  20. New Challenge
  21. Exciting New! Introducing Flipp Designs!
  22. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy at least 20% off thru Nov 28th!
  23. Who Wants To Win.......?
  24. She's Back! ... Dancing Princess Designs Rejoins GDS Design Team!
  25. February collab ~ Timeless...
  26. Sparkysgirl joins our Design Team!
  27. GDS Store Sale Today Only!
  28. March collab ~ Doodly Spring
  29. Shhhh, don't tell anybody but.....
  30. Happy Birthday & Wonderful Secret Revealed!
  31. The cat is out of the bag! We are an ADSR Host!
  32. Happy Birthday to . . .
  33. April Collab ~ Newborn Easter!
  34. No Foolin' ~ nearly entire store 30% off thru April 4th!
  35. Incredible Deal Now Thru May 7th! Get 2 for the Price of One!
  36. May collab ~ Gift of Us
  37. Huge Storewide Sale Here @ GDS Going On Now!
  38. Designer Call
  39. June Collab "My Dad, My Hero"
  40. *Attention* New GDS Moderator Call!
  41. GRAND OPENING ... Introducing Digi Deborah's Designs!
  42. GDS 45% Off Father's Day Sale - Going On Now!
  43. Introducing Rossi's Designs! New GDS Designer!
  44. Introducing The GDS Supreme Team IX!!! Congratulations!!
  45. New GDS Designer ~ Introducing Helena Monteiro!
  46. GDS July, 2011 Free w/Purchase Collab Kit "Splash Into Summer"
  47. GDS 4th of July Sale Going On Now!
  48. Congratulations Supreme Team XI Cheering Contest Winners!
  49. Outside The Box Design Studio Joins GDS Design Team!
  50. Christmas In July Sale! Huge 50% Off Deals!
  51. Please Welcome Created By Jill Designs to Our GDS Design Team!
  52. It's Heather's birthday - of HK Designs!
  53. Help GDS Grow Our FACEBOOK Page! Fabulous Freebie!
  54. Gardens Of Gumdrops is here~! GDS August Collab Kit!
  55. Exclusive FB fan Freebie!!
  56. Exciting News to Share! Introducing a New GDS Designer!
  57. Yay! We're back up!
  58. "Peace at Last" ~ GDS Collab Kit for September, 2011
  59. GDS Birthday Sale Going On Now!
  60. 2012 Calendars, CU and Halloween cuties
  61. *** September Bingo Night Tonight 7pm Edt***
  62. Introducing Keep in Touch Designs! New GDS Designer!
  63. Baby Boo ~ GDS October, 2011 Collab Kit
  64. $.99 Deal of the Day program starts...
  65. Wanted: GDS Has A Unique Position Available
  66. Exclusive Facebook Fan Page FREEBIE!
  67. CT Call Rossi Designs :)
  68. CT call keep in touch designs
  69. GDS Halloween & Fall 35% Off Sale Begins!
  70. ** NEW Facebook Fan Freebie and QP Exchange!
  71. CT Call: Finally... Digi Deborah Designs
  72. Buy my Bundles - Stock up and Save!!
  73. "As Time Goes By" ~ New GDS Nov 11 Collab Kit
  74. GDS Preview Maker Call
  75. Happy Thanksgiving
  76. Congratulations & Welcome to Our GDS Supreme Team XII
  77. Exciting News! Introducing BooLand Designs to GDS!
  78. GDS December Collab "I Believe" is Here!
  79. GDS Welcomes New Designer "Les idées de Christine's"!
  80. Speed Scrap and Chat, Monday December 26th!
  81. Scrap and Chat TONIGHT!!
  82. Introducing "Winter's Chance" GDS January '12 Free w/Purchase Collab Kit!
  83. CT CALL for Created by Jill
  84. *CT CALL* Studio4 Design•works
  85. CT CALL "Les Idées de Christine"
  86. New GDS Designer! Please Welcome Digi Scrap Delights!
  87. It's the Month of Love! GDS Feb Collab "Always" is here!
  88. A big Thank You to Liz ~ Aka Elenasworld
  89. Bombalurina59 Joins GDS Moderator Team!
  90. Are you ready for another speed scrap???
  91. Lots of New Clearance Items... All 50% Off!
  92. New Moderator Joins Us!
  93. "Lucky Me" ~ Just for you! GDS March '12 Collab Is Here!
  94. My Life:My Faith
  95. My Life: My Faith is up in the store!
  96. We Have a WINNER!!
  97. My Life: My Faith Chat on Tuesday, March 27th
  98. "Live Your Dream" ~ GDS April '12 Collab Kit!
  99. Huge GDS Storewide Easter Weekend Sale!
  100. Wishing You All...
  101. I LOVE the new look!
  102. Please Welcome Our New Designer ~ Scrap'Angie!
  103. GDS May'12 Collab Kit "Adore You"
  104. How to cut up your siggy creations
  105. New GDS Designer! Introducing...
  106. Please Welcome A New GDS Designer!
  107. ***Calling for GDS Legacy Ladies***
  108. New Designer & Fabulous Products! Please Welcome...
  109. Happy Memorial Weekend Sale @ GDS!
  110. *Speed Scrap* May 30th!
  111. GDS FREE June, 2012 Collab Kit is here!
  112. Layout artist call for Daybreak Scraps!
  113. Introducing Daybreak Scraps to our GDS Design Team!
  114. Join me for my June Journaling Challenge!
  115. Like photography ?? - join me for a challenge
  116. GDS's Newest Exclusive Designer! Please Welcome...
  117. Please Welcome Scrapbrat Designs to our GDS Design Team!
  118. GDS Father's Day Sale! Save Big Now!
  119. You Could Win!
  120. GDS Presents Christmas in July!
  121. GDS July Collab is here! Citrus Summer
  122. CT CALL - Created by Jill
  123. CT Call for Precepts & Promises!
  124. August Bring's a New Digital Designer to GDS!
  125. Brand New GDS August Collab Kit "Swept Away"!
  126. Introducing Didine Designs!
  127. Saskia Designs Joins Our GDS Design Team!
  128. **New Call For GDS Legacy Ladies**
  129. "Little Miss Wild!" GDS's September Collab Kit Is Here!
  130. September's Legacy Club!
  131. October's Beautiful GDS Collab Kit, "Fall Into Me"
  132. Rossi Designs News!
  133. GDS Welcomes Queen Bee Scraps!
  134. CT call for scrap'angie
  135. Happy Columbus Day Sale - Storewide!
  136. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  137. Just gotta Say....
  138. Introducing Princess Designs to GDS!
  139. Did you get your Facebook Freebie?
  140. Happy Halloween!
  141. Introducing "Harvest Wonder" GDS November Collab Kit!
  142. GDS Digital Scrapbooking Day ~ Huge Sale!
  143. Just for Fun - Do you want try your hand at designing?
  144. This week's facebook Exclusive from Sweetmade
  145. Getting your head around time zones
  146. Facebook exclusive this week from Queen Bee Scraps
  147. GDS Thanksgiving Sale! Enjoy 35% Savings all weekend Long!
  148. GDS Cyber Days Sale ~ Save 35%
  149. Facebook exclusive this week from Created by Jill
  150. Introducing "Christmas Past" GDS December Collab Kit! Free w/Purchase!
  151. Congratulations GDS Designer Contest Winners!
  152. Fantastic New Deal at GDS! $2 Bucks Tuesday Begins Today!
  153. Wishing You All...
  154. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday! CU too!
  155. January's Brand New GDS Collab Release... Your's FREE w/ $10 Purchase!
  156. New Facebook exclusive
  157. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday at GDS Today!
  158. Facebook Exclusive from Marcie
  159. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday at GDS Today!
  160. Facebook exclusive from Andrea Gold
  161. New $2 Bucks Tuesday is Up Today with Lots of New Products included this week!
  162. Facebook exclusive from Keystone Scraps
  163. GDS's February 2013 Collab Kit, "Sweeter Than Candy" Just Released!
  164. $2 Bucks Tuesday with over 120 Featured New Products ~ Today Only 2-5-13
  165. Facebook exclusive from Seoul to Soul Scraps
  166. New Facebook Exclusive GIFT
  167. Gorgeous New GDS Collab for March, 2013!
  168. Today's $2 Bucks Tuesday! Good Time for Shoppng ~70% off Deals!
  169. Happy $2 Bucks Tuesday!
  170. Easter Extravaganza Event Mar. 28-31!
  171. Join me in the Chatroom in one hour [8pmEST]
  172. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday at GDS Today!
  173. Meet me in the Chatroom at Noon on 3.29
  174. Speed Scrap 3/30
  175. 10 Products for $20
  176. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday at GDS Today!
  177. Introducing "Vintage Chic" GDS April, 2013 Collab Kit! Free w/Purchase!
  178. New Facebook gift from Marcie
  179. Meet me in the Chatroom at Noon on 4.19
  180. Speed Scrap and Chat - Saturday, April 20th
  181. New facebook gift from Art For scrapbooking
  182. "You Lift Me Up"! Brand New GDS Collab for May!
  183. GDS Welcomes FanFan-Rue Designs to GDS Design Team
  184. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday at GDS Today! Includes CU too!
  185. Facebook gift from Studio4
  186. It's Here!!! ST XV Contest Sign-Ups
  187. Facebook gift from Queen Bee Scraps
  188. Facebook Gift from Seoul 2 Soul Scraps
  189. Your official sneak peek for ST contest XV is here!!
  190. Brand New GDS June, 2013 Collab Kit... Beautiful!
  191. June's first $2 Bucks Tuesday!
  192. Supreme Team XV Chat is tonight at 9 PM EST!
  193. July's First $2 Bucks Tuesday Deals Today!
  194. Congrats and welcome to our new STXV!!!!
  195. Brand New "Sunshine & Roses" GDS July Collab!
  196. GDS Moderator Call
  197. Facebook gift from Keystone Scraps
  198. Facebook gift from Seoul to Soul Scraps
  199. 15 minutes!! Speed Scrap
  200. Facebook gift from Dana's Footprint Digital designs
  201. Introducing "Moments In Time" GDS August 2013 Collab Kit! Free w/Purchase!
  202. It's $2 Bucks Tuesday!
  203. New facebook gift from Queen Bee Scraps
  204. Please excuse our dust while we update!
  205. Spam email messages!
  206. Our store redesign is online with improvements!
  207. Big NEWS for goDigitalScrapbooking!
  208. Please welcome Kastagnette designs!
  209. A New facebook gift from Dana's Footprint
  210. Gallery and forum ugrades...
  211. Please Welcome Love-Crea-Design to GDS!
  212. Join us in welcoming Mel Designs!
  213. Please Welcome Kittyscrap to GDS!
  214. Saskia Designs has joined our GDS team!
  215. Introducing "Music of the Heart", our November 2013 collab kit!
  216. We are pleased to welcome Blue Heart Scraps!
  217. Please help us welcome Louise L Designs!
  218. Fast!
  219. Introducing Ginger's Scraps N Pixels!
  220. Please welcome JB Studio!
  221. Please Welcome Crescent Moon Designs!
  222. We welcome Arizona Girl Designs!
  223. Introducing ButterflyDsign!
  224. My wish came trough!
  225. Introducing "Blossom and Grow", the January 2014 collab kit!
  226. Please Welcome Ilonka's Scrapbook Designs!
  227. Warm welcome to True North Scraps
  228. Big Welcome to ScrapofAngel Designs!
  229. Welcome Tresors de baby to the GDS design team!
  230. Please welcome Shmooangel Designs!
  231. New Art Journaling designer at GDS!
  232. Please welcome LyllahRaven Designs to GDS!
  233. New Facebook Freebie from Seoul 2 Soul Scraps
  234. Please Welcome LilyAnn, A Fish Design to GDS!!!
  235. Announcing Supreme Team Contest 17 Signups!!!!
  236. Please welcome Mari R Designs!!!
  237. This Week's Featured Designer!! True North Scraps! Get the FREEBIE!
  238. NEW Challenge starting in April!!
  239. Customer Appreciation Program!!!
  240. Announcing our April collab kit "Beautiful Thoughts"!
  241. We welcome a new Designer...LissyKay Designs!
  242. Starting May 1st... Mixology Challenge!!
  243. "Rough and Tumble", our May 2014 Collab Kit!
  244. Please welcome Pati Grief to GDS!
  245. Please welcome Vesi Design!
  246. June Mixology Challenge starts June 1st!!
  247. 2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs Store Grand Opening & 50% OFF Sale!
  248. New Daily Download and Facebook Program!
  249. Connie Prince's Grand Opening Sale!
  250. New Designer: Connie Prince!