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  1. I got published!!!!
  2. Bella Scraps Magazine May Call
  3. I got published!
  4. I got published!!! Yeah!!!
  5. woohoo...I got published!
  6. I'm so excited I got published
  7. Toot Toot I got published
  8. Toot Toot I'm getting published
  9. Maybe, just a little Toot!
  10. I'm getting published for the first time!!
  11. Published in Scrapbook News & Review!
  12. Published (My First Time)!
  13. Updated: Published in Scrapbook News and Reviews
  14. Additional Layout Published in SNR
  15. YAY! GDS Layout Published!!!!
  16. My layout is getting published!!
  17. I'm published in Artisan Notebook!
  18. Just a teensy weensy toot
  19. I got published!!
  20. Another teens weens toot?!?
  21. I got Published with a GDS product!!!
  22. Got mentioned in a blog!
  23. Studio4 Featured in DST's Insider Magazine
  24. I'm a published digital scrapbooking writer
  25. I'm So Excited.... I've Been Published At Snr
  26. feature page idea at Making Memories
  27. Want to be published? Looking for ART Journal pages
  28. Gso With Thankful Kit
  29. GSOs with GDS products
  30. GSO and DST With Tendresse ivoire by Scrap'Angie
  31. GSO at DST with Tendresse Ivoire by Scrap' Angie
  32. GSO at SBG with Charity kit
  33. GSO at Me So Scrappy
  34. GSO at DS
  35. Wow! Three layouts in the gallerystandouts blog!
  36. Feature page at DW
  37. Gso @ dst 8/7/2012
  38. GSO 8 Aug
  39. RSO at Real Life Scrapped