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Challenge Announcements

Welcome to the August 2014 Color Challenge!

For this month the color challenge will also include a Recipe Exchange.

You will need to create a recipe card, of a dessert that has fruits in it, using the palette below.

(If you want to do more, then do a second using a fruit drink or salad, but the first card MUST be of a dessert!)

We will gather all cards (please send the recipe cards ONLY to CATHY (  cathy dot vernon at yahoo dot com  ) and make the subject:  Color Challenge Recipe Exchange.

At the end of the month we will send them all back to you.


You can find the card template here…..   maria-gdsAUGcolorexch


PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE ORIGINAL SIZE CARD IN JPG. That will be the one you will email for the Exchange as it will allow participants to print them.

Our inspirational kit for this month’s challenge is the cute, fresh and bright Cookie Frutti BUNDLE that will be on sale $2.00 throughout the month, on $2.00 tuesdays



Here’s the palette for this month:


Your challenge is to choose at least 5 of the 7 colors and create a layout.  For the challenge Thread, It can be just the recipe card, or you can incorporate your card into an actual layout.  But when you email the file to Cathy, it should be ONLY the recipe card……no layouts please!

Your page can either be made with the selected kit or any supplies within the palette colors.

(1) Your layout must be unique, and can only be used for this challenge.
(2) Your layout also counts as one entry towards the Scrappin’ 7 Challenge.
(3) Use of GDS products is encouraged and greatly appreciated.
(4) Please post your layout in the Color Challenge Gallery HERE .
(5) Come back here and post what you created, and link it to the gallery, so we can all leave you some love!

To help you with this challenge. There will be some kits matching the color palete included in the August 2014 $2.00 Tuesdays.

Everyone who participates will receive a bonus at the end of the month, BUT if you use ONLY Maria Designs products you will receive a $2.00 Coupon to be used in my store, til the end of August.


Posting Bonus for August:


Hope you have fun and enjoy this challenge.


Each month I give out a facebook freebie.

The theme for each month is a Tea Cup Fairy

related to that month.

I know that half of the year is

gone, but at the end of

the year I will add

January through December

to my store here at

Go Digital Scrapbooking.

Right now you can pick up July’s

by visiting my Facebook Page

and the best part of this I made the color pallet

the same as the Progressive Scrap which I co-host.

Here is the beautiful kit you will end

up with at the end of the scrap.




And here is the facebook freebie



Enjoy! ! !








Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a FAB holiday weekend!!! My weekend was CRAZY….we have a huge party for the holiday and then everyone came back for left overs the next day!! So I am really late with getting my challenge up this month!!! Very sorry!!

Ok, so one of my most favorite kinds of mixed media is Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s)  ATC’s are alot of fun to make,  just like with art journal pages, let your imagination guide you as there is only one hard fast rule of ATCs and that is the SIZE!! They are always 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. They can be landscaped or portrait.  For me, ATCs are like potato chips, I cant just make one!!!  I usually have to do a page of them!! When I used to paper craft before I discovered digital, I would make ATCs by the dozen!!

So I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to the world of ATCs!!! I know that on the internet they have tons of different swaps and exchanges with ATCs, so this month we can all learn about ATCs and then maybe next month we could do a swap with each other??? Let me know what you think!!

I created the stash builders this month to be specifically for ATCs. The backgrounds are the right size and all of the accents are scaled down to fit the ATCS.  To make it easier for you!! In your monthly coupon I am also going to include my other ATC kits so that you can have a choice of things to use as I realize that most of you wont have things that are ATC sized..although you can size down anything from any kit!

As always we have our FREE Stashbuilder










This month all of my ATC kits are included with the coupon (except the stash builder BUNDLE, this is NOT included)

COUPON CODE: 2chmd_julyATC_50

Good for 50% any ATC Stashbuilder or kit (excluding BUNDLES)

Good for 2 uses per customer

Expires: July 31,2014

Shop in my ATC Catagory HERE!

So what IS an Artist Trading Card?? Well it is a little one of a kind piece of art that YOU create!!! I don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed with these as you can use the same techniques on these as you do your art journal pages! They are just smaller!!

Here is a step by step for paper but can still be used for digital by Wiki that you can check out. There are TONS of images out there for you to look at to see how it is done! Check out this Google Image Search to see a gagillion examples! As you can see by the examples…ANYTHING GOES!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!!

For this month we are going to make a total of FOUR…yes 4 ATC’s!!!! Please don’t let that keep you from joining the challenge!! I promise its more fun than work!!!

Week 1 ~ ATC 1:

Step 1:  I want you to look thru the kit or stash builder that you have chosen to use for your first ATC.  What is the first thing that comes to mind? Does something there make you think of something else?  When I made my ATC for this week I chose the girl with the long hair because when I looked at her a verse from a song in South Pacific came to mind “I’m going to wash that man right outta my hair”  So while creating I was singing that song the entire time!!

One of the images might remind you of a quote, a song verse, a sassy saying or even a commercial jingle…whatever it is just go with it and start there!!

Step 2: Choose your background. Remember you can alter these backgrounds!! Dig into your brushes and shapes, make them YOU!

Step 3: You need a main image. You can use the one that made you think of your theme, that would work great and set that up as your biggest image in your ATC.

Step 4: Put your quote, jingle, verse whatever you chose on your ATC. I used a couple different fonts, clipped a paper to one of the words, as usual the sky is the limit.

Step 5: Now you can add in your other accents. Remember this is a small canvas so you might want to choose a couple things or you might want to do some brush work, you will know when your art is done because it will feel done!!

Step 6:  Post it to our ART JOURNAL/MIXED MEDIA gallery along with all your other wonderful creations and then post back here in this thread to we can all see what you are up too!

Here is my week 1 ATC


Cant wait to see what you all come up with!!! Now go forth and create magnificent things!


creative team1


Welcome to the July Digi Dish Challenge. Are you ready to do some digiscrap baking?

I hope everyone is doing great and is finding time to scrap! This is my busy time of year and I would love to spend more time scrapping:)

Anyway! On to the challenge:)

For this challenge, you should create a layout using at least the ingredients listed on the recipe. You can then add your own ingredients to make the layout your own! There is also a “Want More?” ingredient and an “optional” ingredient to add a little more to the recipe. They are both optional but are fun:) So, what are we waiting for?

Here is the recipe!

Digidish Challenge


Additional info:

(1) Your layout must be unique, and can only be used for this challenge.
(2) Your layout also counts as one entry towards the Scrappin’ 7 Challenge.
(3) Use of GDS products is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.
(4) Please post your layout in the Digi Dish Challenge Gallery HERE.
(5) Come back here and post what you created, and link it to the gallery, so we can all leave you some love!

Since we all love prizes, there will be a participation prize for this challenge. The prize for this challenge will be a mini kit by Maria Designs. Woot!


This challenge runs through July 31st.

I can’t wait to see your fabulous layouts!

Dodie (aka A Little Giggle Designs) and Maria (Maria Designs)


Need help linking your images back to the gallery? CLICK HERE!
Need help assigning keywords to give credit to the designers? CLICK HERE!

Enjoy and if you have any questions, ask away! 



A Facebook Freebie

mini that

coordinates with this month

Progressive Scrap

You can find this mini

on my Facebook Page

Ginger’s Scraps N Pixels



Just Click on the Preview

to visit my Facebook Page

Hope you enjoy this mini and

come and join us for a progressive SLOW scrap!


where you pickup a few pieces

every 4 days or so

until you have received

the entire kit.

Hope to See you there!


JULY 2014 PROGRESSIVE Scrap Challenge
Welcome to the JULY Progressive Challenge.
Vicki here, of  Dana’s Footprint Digital Design. sadly we lost one of our favourite members 2 weeks ago, Cath (hivart). Cath loved the Progressive Scrap and was often the first to have her prompts posted… we will miss seeing her lovely pages progress.

The  contributors for this months Progressive are, Ginger of Ginger of Gingers Scraps N Pixels & Darlene of  Studio4 Designworks.
So let’s get to the task at hand and have some fun! The object of the Progressive is to complete one page over the course of three weeks by following instructions given in tasks posted each week. A progressive scrap is a *slow* speed scrap and I know lots of you like speed scraps, but may not have the time. So here’s how it will work.

On the first of each month, Prompt 1 will be posted, consisting of instructions for starting a scrapbook page that will then be built upon through additional instructions every 3 days.

The idea is to work along with the challenge as the tasks are being announced, each task to be completed & posted prior to starting on the next prompt. (Once you post a prompt’s results, you’re finished. Don’t change your work for that particular prompt.)
At the end of the third week, you should have a completed page!
It’s fine to start late or catch up if you miss a prompt. Just be sure to complete & post each task before you look at or start the next one. It’s more fun that way!
I will be giving you a download that consists of either papers or ellies to work with on each prompt. By the end of the Challenge, you will have a great little kit that was created by myself and Vicki of Dana of Dana’s Footprint Designs & Ginger of Ginger’s Scraps ’N Pixels.

So to recap – here’s the order:
1. On the first day of the month we will post Prompt 1. Then, there will be a post every three days with a new prompt.
2. Add only the items listed in the prompt given. You may add/alter shadows at any time.
3. Once you’ve posted your layout for that particular prompt, it is done and you may not go back and change it. You may only build on the previous prompt layout following the new step for the next prompt.
4. We will post the prompts sequentially in the thread. If you have missed a prompt, it’s fine to start late or catch up. Just be sure to complete & post each task before you look at or start the next one.
5. Post your layouts no later than midnight (EST) of the day before the next step is due – this will be every three days.
6. Post your layouts in the *Progressive Challenge* gallery HERE.
7. Link your layout back to this forum thread so we can have a look at your creations and leave you some love!
8. In lieu of a posting bonus, by the end of the challenge, you will have yourselves a nice little kit.
9. This challenge counts towards the Scrapping 7 Challenge!

Here is the kit you will have by the time you are done – Let Freedom Ring. It coordinates with the lovely collab the designers have created this month along with Posting Bonuses for other challenges. You will have a lovely HUGE kit when you are done if you participate in all of the challenges!


PROMPT 1 Tuesday 1 July

In download 1 there are 13 papers, choose , use one for your background, cut 2 shapes with the other two, the fourth one must be the worn/torn paper with text on it. Place them all how ever you choose.


Post your first prompt in the GALLERY and then back here so we can all see and enjoy what we’re all doing! Please leave some love on each others layouts as it always nice to see some comments.
Have your layout posted for Prompt 1 by Friday, June 4th, 4pm CST.



Welcome to the July Mixology Challenge. I am Vicki of Dana’s Footprint Digital Design  & I will be your host, as sadly last  month we lost our dear Cath (hivart), my co host.

  This month’s Mixology is  GONE FISHN’, Your challenge? Create a layout using ANY  part of  GONE FISHN’  you can mix them up or just use your favourite designer’s part. Post your finished layout in the Mixology Gallery, then link it back here. Just for *joining in you will get another piece of Beach Trip created by me (Dana’s Footprint Digital Design).

Here are just some of the gorgeous GONE FISHIN’ parts from our GDS design team. They are on sale for just $1.20 a pack till the 7th June!!


Here is the Posting Bonus you will receive for this challenge…


I can’t wait to see your creations!!



It’s that time again!!! Are you ready to take the challenge???

This month when I started to make my Stash Builders I had no idea what direction I was going to be going in. I often do that and start with papers and half way thru something will make me think of something else and then that is usually where my kit ends up!! That is what happened here!!!

So…here is the question for all you ladies…What FRUIT are YOU?? LOL yup you read that right!!! We are going to do a page about what FRUIT we are!!! It will be challenging because while I want you to incorporate the fruit you are into your page but I also want the page to be about YOU…who you are! Does that make sense?? LOL!!

So…..before I get into what we are going to do specifically let me show you the goods first!!

Here is this month’s FREEBIE Stash Builder #24 [/SIZE]


Download HERE

Here is the coupon information for this month’s coupon!!

This coupon is good for 50% StashBuilders 24-28 only (the bundle is excluded)

The Coupon expires 6/30/2014

It is good for TWO uses per customer (just in case you forget something! lol)

Coupon Code:


Here are the previews of Stash Builders 24-28








Week 1:

Ok, so we will start this week off by taking a quiz! Yup one of those goofy quizzes they have on Facebook all the time!! You all know what I mean!

Step 1: Take the quiz to figure out what fruit you are! Here is a list of a few of them, you can try the different ones out!

What Type of Fruit are You?

What is your Fruit Personality?

Fruit Quiz – Personality Test

These are just a few, you can Google “What Fruit are You Quiz” to get more!!!

(**Disclaimer** these three worked for me, but I have no idea if they will work for others! I have nothing to do with the sites themselves!)

Step 2: After you take one of the quizzes (you can also just pick your favorite fruit if you want) Then I want you to think of THREE words that describe that fruit that would also describe you!! Use your imagination here. Think about the look of the fruit, the texture, the taste etc to come up with your words.

Step 3: Pick out your main paper that you would like to use. along with an image of your fruit. There are some in the stash builders but if you cant find one of your fruit let me know and I will see if I can find you one!!! Then you can just put the fruit on the paper. Anywhere you want it for now, you will prob want to move it once we get going!

Step 4: Post back in this thread the FRUIT that you are *this makes me giggle* The THREE words you have chosen to describe yourself from your fruit and then the start of your page. Post it in the GALLERY

That’s it!! Easy Peasy right?? Now go forth you fruits and create beautiful things!!! :-)

Here is mine for Week 1:


As you can see I am apparently a “BANANA!”

Using the words that they used in the quiz that I think describe me my three words are:









Hello Scrappers! Melissa of LissyKay Designs here hosting my first challenge at GoDigitalScrapbooking. I am thrilled to present a template designed just for you gals and for the June Template Challenge. The template is available in PSD, TIFF, PNG and PAGE formats.

All you need to do is download the template and create a layout with it and any kit from a current GDS designer.  The layout you submit must be unique to this challenge and not used for any other challenge. Simply load it to the Template Challenge gallery and share it in the June Template Challenge forum thread. All layouts must be submitted by June 30, 2014.


Download template


If you complete this challenge, you will receive this mini by Arizona Girl –a part of the June Posting Bonus Collab “He’s My Dad.”

Arizona Girl-He's My Dad

Enjoy the template challenge and I look forward to seeing your creations!